“It's frankly pathetic” – Ryan O'Reilly

“This is downright pathetic” - Ryan O’Reilly< /p> UPDATE DAY

The St. Louis Blues boat looks like a wreck these days and its captain Ryan O'Reilly believes that he was largely responsible for the sinking of his people. 

Before hosting the New York Islanders on Thursday, the Missouri squad had suffered five straight losses, including a 5-1 thaw at the hands of the Los Angeles Kings three days earlier. And O'Reilly is off to a pitiful start: just one goal in eight games and a -11 differential. With all his experience in the National Hockey League, he doesn't need the instructors to draw him a picture to make him understand that it's not going at all.

“I was absolutely awful. I do almost nothing. Looks like I'm fighting for my life. I have to fight to stay in this league, but we have to do a lot more, to advocate more leadership by betting on my game, he told NHL.com. If I can just do the little things, I think it will have a big impact.”

“For me, especially, it's downright pathetic.”

The ball is in the players' court

The skater somewhat corroborated general manager Doug Armstrong, who said earlier this week that players need to find solutions to their troubles . At the same time, the GM reiterated his confidence in head instructor Craig Berube, a man who led his troops to win the Stanley Cup in the spring of 2019.

“I believe that Doug's message was clear. What is happening is unacceptable and he is absolutely right. We have to look at this internally and find a way out. It's not bad time to see it, “said O'Reilly.

This realization seems to have had good echoes.

“He is our leader and the captain of our team, thus reminded Berube about him. That's what he does, but it's up to everyone to work.”