It’s in Russian: Ekaterinburg mounted plastic lights

Это так по-русски: в Екатеринбурге установили пластиковые фонари

In Russia’s Yekaterinburg, the local authorities instead of iron lanterns, as provided by the project, on the embankment of the river Iset installed lights, made of plastic.

Such fake lights was noticed by local urbanist Dmitry Moskvin and placed in one of the groups about the life of Yekaterinburg on the social network. He, in particular, saw one of the lights off the top cover and exposed the plastic content resembling frozen orange foam.

It turns out that the lights in the center of Yekaterinburg – not cast iron. X*EN actually know what they are. And project what? This despite the fact that Kasli artistic iron casting directly under the side produce
– outraged activist.

Это так по-русски: в Екатеринбурге установили пластиковые фонари

First of fake lights reported urbanist Dmitry Moskvin

As writes the edition, the plastic body of the lamp from the base to the top, I also hear a hollow sound when you knock the nail. In addition, it is likely that this plastic may not be the highest quality, since its structure – rough. It is possible to notice the characteristic and the only seam gluing what comes up.

In General, set these lamps on the embankment of 30 pieces, right on the dike across the river the lights still metal. In Committee of an accomplishment of Ekaterinburg announced that the plastic lights can be seen in different parts of the city. It is interesting that local urbanists have long noticed the tendency that the authorities of Yekaterinburg change natural materials to fakie. Saying the administration may be trying to save on materials.

Это так по-русски: в Екатеринбурге установили пластиковые фонари

In Ekaterinburg has long been the local authorities in the improvement of changing natural materials to fakie

For example, on Lenin Avenue is a Boulevard. For a long time it was fenced solid granite blocks. After the reconstruction, the fence was concrete. To hide it, she was faced with stone tiles. Now this whole thing is already beginning to fall off,
– told the urbanist Vladimir Zlokazov.

On the website of the Russian public procurement can be noted only one recent contract, but it had to do a repair only a small section of the embankment including the identification of lights. The total cost of the contract is 2,19 million rubles (861,6 thousand hryvnia). The work was to be performed by the company “Investuralstroy”. In the estimate laid for the installation of two lights with a total value of 17 thousand rubles (6.6 thousand hryvnia).

Это так по-русски: в Екатеринбурге установили пластиковые фонари

In General, the installation of lights could cost taxpayers more than 2 million rubles

Note that cast-iron lamp of the same size can cost five times more expensive. However, does it is about these lights, the contract is not clear. According to documents, the contract has still not paid before the end and he is at the stage of implementation in 2015, although there have long been completed.