It’s in the genes: scientists have discovered why men are more likely to get sick and die from COVID-19

The statistics worldwide gives an unambiguous picture: the majority of deaths from COVID-19 men. Experts believe that the thing – in genetics, writes Voice of America.

Все дело в генах: ученые выяснили, почему мужчины чаще болеют и умирают от COVID-19

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On average, ten deaths from the coronavirus have four women and six men. However, if you look at the age category of cases, the imbalance is even more noticeable: it is clear that those who died of coronavirus, a considerable number of young men, often without comorbidities.

As experts say, it’s genetics. “There are two kinds of proteins, which are necessary for the coronavirus to penetrate the human cell, – told in Benjamin Newman, Professor Texas A&M University in Texarkana. And it seems that the people in old age, exactly like in men in General, this combination of proteins is more common. To bring the virus out of their body much harder.”

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Scientists have found that the coronavirus affects the body depends on the level of male sex hormones. That is involved in sports male in the Prime of life may be the ideal candidate for the development of serious case COVID-19.

Previously atypical pneumonia as severe acute respiratory syndrome, also affected men harder than women. A later study refuted the hypothesis that the increased mortality of men of coronaviruses can be caused by the fact that they less take care of themselves, less likely to wash their hands, and generally lead less healthy lifestyles.

According to an article published in the journal Science Alert, women protects the hormone estrogen: not only from the coronavirus, but also from a number of other diseases including cardiovascular.

The author, Professor La Trobe University (Australia) Jenny graves I’m sure it happens for a reason.

“Features of the body of men and women are a consequence of their centuries-old behavioral characteristics, – says graves. – This applies to not only humans, but also primates, mice, mammals. Males take the risk – they are the discoverers. Due to this, they are successful in the selection of females, and the offspring generation. In females of the same nature has the role of rearing”.

According to scientists, these natural features of the organism has led to the fact that the immune system’s response to disease is different in men and women. Nature has made the male body more vulnerable to disease based on the fact that women need to bear offspring, says Jenny graves.

“Men much more than women, are exposed to a number of infectious diseases such as SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome. Also applies to the epidemic of Spanish flu – men has suffered from it stronger, says graves. And very importantly, men and women react differently to treatments. Biologically women are very different from men. And it is necessary to take into account”.

A definite answer to the question – whether to apply a different treatment for men and women in identifying COVID-19 – yet. However, scientists hope to find all the answers in the research process, the nature of the coronavirus.

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