‘It’s like the discovery of a new planet’: in the Mediterranean sea found 12 ships filled with treasure

In the Mediterranean sea, on the sea bed between Cyprus and Lebanon, a British group of scientists found 12 sunken ships, the holds are filled with treasures, says the League.News.

'Это как открытие новой планеты': в Средиземном море нашли 12 кораблей с сокровищами

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In the Mediterranean sea found the ships of the XVII century treasure — porcelain early Ming dynasty, which sell at auction for tens of millions of dollars.

Presumably, the ships sank around 1630. They found a lot of expensive artifacts from early Chinese porcelain of the Ming dynasty to the ancient coffee pots and pipes for Smoking tobacco.

On the flagship, a 43-metre ship, which could take 1,000 tons of cargo, were the jewels of the 14 cultures, from India and China to Belgium. It found more than 360 cups and dishes of porcelain of the Ming dynasty.

By the way, the porcelain early Ming dynasty is worth a lot of money! For example, in 2014 a small Cup purchased for $36 million

The researchers note that the discovery changes the view of the globalization of the XVII century and, probably, points to a previously unknown trade route. They believe that the ships went under the flag of the Ottoman Empire.

“The goods and things discovered 14 of the cultures and civilizations span the Eastern side of the globe (China, India, the Persian Gulf and the Red sea) and Western (North Africa, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium). It’s surprising cosmopolitanism for the navigation of any pre-modern era,” says Shawn Kingsley from ESP.

The team notes that this finding for archaeologists is equivalent to “the discovery of a new planet” for the astronomer.

It is known that the remains of the ships were discovered in 2015. The excavations lasted for many years: the job was complicated by the deep (about 2000 meters) and silty bottom. Only now scientists were able to reach the contents of the ships and claim their work and expense has paid off! Experts have compared this sensational discovery with the discovery of a new planet — so meaningful it was for science.

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