“It's my hands!”

“It’s my hands!”


Just as we thought “Except for once at the cabin” was the worst excuse a sexual aggressor could come up with, here we go up a notch with “It's not me, it's is my hands”. A stupid sentence that the engineer Simon Houle would have pronounced to apologize for having fondled the buttocks of a woman he had just met in Cuba, according to what the latter reported.  

What's next?  

It's not me, it's my zigounette?  

“YES BUT…”  


There is a guy who got away with it after telling the judge that he suffered from a strange form of sleepwalking that caused him to assault women in his sleep !  

If this crazy excuse was accepted by a judge, why not “It's not me, it's my hands”?  

A judge gave Simon Houle an absolution because he was drunk…  

“It's not me, it's the drink”, sounds a lot like “It's not me, it's my hands”, doesn't it?  

Or “It's not me, it's my sleepwalking”?  

“It’s my hands!”

“It’s my hands!

Well, I bet you a ten that the next thing we're going to hear is “It's not me, it's my hormone treatment, I misjudged the dose of testosterone I should be taking… »  

Any excuse is good for not taking responsibility.  

Yes, but she was lightly dressed…  < /p>

Yes, but she agreed to come for a coffee…  

Yes, but it was late…  


To hear some young people, we are currently living through a sexual revolution that makes the “Peace and Love” trip of the boomers look like nothing.   

Shut up, old man, we don't want to know anything about your shitty culture! We do things differently, we are more egalitarian, more respectful, more attentive…  

Sorry, bunnies, but I've been watching how your generation of guys behave, and I'm not one bit impressed.  

I don't see how you've revolutionized the gender relations. Apart from adding ten letters and six numbers to the good old LGBT and ruling that we can change gender and sex according to our moods, you have changed absolutely nothing.  

I would even say that with social media, which allows any fool to send a photo of his zoune or upload videos of his ex having sex, it's worse.&nbsp ; 

20-year-old guys and girls are stuck in the same quagmire as their parents.  

The percentage of uncles among 20-year-old guys seems unfortunately be the same as in 60-year-old men.  

Just because you're young doesn't mean you don't behave like the last of the bad guys.  < /p>

As Brassens sang: “Time is irrelevant/When you're stupid, you're stupid/When you're twenty, you're a grandfather/When you're stupid , we're stupid… »  


Let's hope the judge who granted Simon Houle a discharge 'so he can travel' feels a little bad that the guy would have started his ride again. . traveling, precisely!  

“It’s my hands!” /></p></p>
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