It’s not fast food: scientists have named the main cause of excess weight

For a long time it was believed that people gain weight due to overeating and Hobbies harmful food, but experts from the US found that the cause of the development of obesity is another factor. Scientists from the University of Michigan claim that excess weight appears because of a shortage of fluid in the body. During the experiment, the experts found a direct link between the violation of water exchange and increase of body weight.

Это не фастфуд: учёные назвали главную причину лишнего веса

The link between dehydration (violation of water exchange) and the growth of body mass was recorded during the tests specialists from the University of Michigan.

To participate in the experiments, the doctors invited about 10 thousand volunteers aged 18-64 years. Almost a third of the subjects during the observation of them changed their body mass index, gaining weight. Examining what factors contributed to the development of obesity in humans, scientists came to the conclusion that one of the highest risks of obesity associated with an insufficient use of clean water.

“Regular dehydration leads to increased body weight, while the initial stages of obesity can be cured by improving hydration balance through the consumption of water,” the researchers noted.