It’s not Max Barskih Misha Romanova told about the father of her firstborn

Misha Romanova told about the father of her first child. As it became known, it was not the singer Max Barsky, and the Director.

Это не Макс Барских: Миша Романова рассказала об отце своего первенца

Misha Romanova left the group “VIA Gra” last March, without waiting for six months to the end of her contract with the producer Konstantin Meladze. The singer didn’t tell fans about the real reasons for the departure of the trio, but her former colleagues choose to share personal information. As it turned out, Romanov was expecting the birth of her first child.

Not so long ago it became known that the actress never talked about this topic of fear. The thing is that in the beginning the celebrity had no idea about the pregnancy and at 16 weeks she went under the surgeon’s knife for breast augmentation. Fortunately, the son Romanova was born healthy and at the moment he is already a year and a half. About the history that could well end in tears, the singer told in order to warn women. The ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” were told not to trust infinitely to the doctors, because they can act in their own interests.

Along with that, Romanov has shared information about the father of her child. Many fans were of the opinion that it was the singer Max Barsky. Celebrities are longtime friends, and for many years they were connected and even romance. Nevertheless the rumor proved false, and the father of the firstborn of the singer was the Ukrainian film Director, whose name she does not mention, because young parents separated and almost does not support communication, but the child a man helps. “We’re very different people and decided not to even try to be together because of his son. I’m sure the kid wouldn’t just negatively,” — said the singer.