‘It’s very cute’: Russia sent in USA funds mezashite to combat coronavirus

At that time, as the United States continues to fight the pandemic coronavirus, President Donald trump said that many foreign States, including China and Russia, assist US, writes “Voice of America”.

'Это очень мило': Россия отправила в США средства медзащиты для борьбы с коронавирусом

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“I must say, we have established excellent relations with many countries, – said the President during the daily press briefing of the working group on combating coronavirus March 30. – China sent us some stuff that was fine. Russia sent a plane with medical equipment, which was really nice. Other countries have also sent us things than I was very pleasantly surprised.”

At the White house on the evening of March 31, confirmed the information about the arrival of the aircraft with medical aid from Russia.

“We expect that the Russian plane with personal protective equipment will arrive tomorrow – President Putin proposed that President Trump, during yesterday’s conversation. We will immediately begin to use all the necessary items approved by Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines USA (FDA),” — said in the White house.

As reported, Russian Ambassador in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, the heavy military transport aircraft an-124 “Ruslan” carries humanitarian aid “by the Ministry of industry and trade. This issue was agreed by the presidents of our countries”, – quotes “Voice of America”.

According to the Ambassador, at the moment Russia has resources which it can share with other countries.

The diplomat added: “One cannot exclude that we also may need help from abroad. We have friends ready to help us.”

As reported TASS, the plane from Russia with medical equipment for the United States arrived in new York airport named after John F. Kennedy. For unloading of the aircraft can begin in 17:00 local time (24:00 GMT).

“The plane just taxied to the area where you will be unloading, even the engines are not silenced,” said this source day on 1 April.

“The plane with a Russian medical equipment aimed to help in the United States to assist in the fight against coronavirus — said Wednesday at Twitter’s first Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky. — This is an example of solidarity in action — together we will overcome the difficulties.”

Before 1 April, the defense Ministry reported that the plane took off from the airfield near Moscow “Chkalovsky”.

The U.S. currently ranks first in the world in the number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus. As of 17:00 ET April 1, the total number of infection cases in the U.S. was 211 143 and the number of deaths – 4713.


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