Ivan NAVI has unveiled a new song and video

Ukrainian artist Ivan Sarcevic, who performs under the stage name Ivan NAVI, pleased its fans with a new song and video for her. It is worth noting that the song “If You Dumb” is the most lyrical track in the repertoire of the performer. Although the popularity has brought dance tracks “Tak Molod”, “Tymczasowy relax” and “TSE Won (Star)”, loyal fans finally came from him lyrics.

Ivan NAVI представил новую песню и видеоклип на нее

The author of the song is Andriy Osadchuk, who wrote many hits for popular Ukrainian performers. This is the first solo single by Ivan NAVI after the release of their debut album and it has a new meaning. In the video the actor also appeared in a new way — without the branded cap and also tried himself in an unusual role – he became a pilot of the aircraft.

Video: Ivan NAVI — If You Mute (yooutube.com/Ivan NAVI)

“Shooting the video for the song “When there’s No You” became a real challenge for me because I grew up afraid of flying, and then I couldn’t just get on a plane, and raise it into the air. When I first heard the idea – decided that all of this experience, nothing artificial — only the hardcore. The song itself is very sensual, deep and for me it was important to pass it through themselves, to feel real emotions not only from music but also from the process of filming. To fly, to fly”, — shared his impressions Ivan NAVI.

The Director of the video “If You Mute” was Vladimir Shurubura which was filmed for Ivan NAVI some of the best works. This time the story shown in the video, is filled with metaphors and non-linear developments. Heroes teetering somewhere between heaven and earth, reality and dreams high. And, of course, before them stands his Majesty the choice.

“Metaphoric solutions like landing girls on parachutes or disappearance of everyone except the main character – very different interpretations, each will feel his own. For me it is life. Life as a road where we meet different people, fall moments, difficult choices, and disappears all too much, when you’re on the verge of a key moment. I’m happy from cooperation with Ivan, he felt the full depth of the song and lived it on the set,” — says the idea of the video Director Vladimir Shurubura.

Exclusive to RBC-Ukraine Ivan shared his impressions of the new phase in life.

Ivan video to the song “Dumb If You” absolutely not similar on previous. “So young” Ivan NAVI matured?

I’d say that was just more experienced. I became interested in the deeper meanings I recently reviewed even their values. And the music – it is a reflection of my inner self today . Your excess of energy I’m not “prosegui” in clubs and meaningless lessons. Geography of concerts this year was particularly wide, spend a lot of time on the road, give their maximum on the stage, and the rest are trying to invest in relations with close people and sports, extreme challenge. This year has been so off the chain, and to try climbing. By the way, climbed on the rocks I’m the hero of the video “Chemistry,” which we shot in a duet with Maria Yaremchuk. And Sergei just had to be a boxer – my counterpart in the ring, then met and became friends. I am very happy when shooting videos, for example, provide new experiences, new people – a combination of the pleasant with the useful. And I like to see all in the frame … it’s only fair: if I try on the role of a pilot is not to try to get a plane in the sky?

The new song is the most lyrical in your repertoire. Women, for example, when you change something in your life – change your hair, and you clip off a cap which is almost never parted. Maybe Ivan NAVI finally fell in love?

— Burned… Like a t-shirt in the new video)) Perhaps that is why so skipped through the song. I like the fact that it is both about happiness and sadness. Everyone can find their shades. I’m really in love with, without loss of head, and very carefully watching where it leads me. I love that feeling when something inside just starts to “tickle”, so not to be forward, let ripen. Because that’s where the success and all heights to which we aspire, when with whom this all to share.