Iwona and Gerard from “Sanatorium of Love” announced the joyful news. Viewers have long wanted to know this. “Must be a month with R”

The heroes of one of the seasons of “Sanatorium of love” betrayed on TVP when they intend to legalize their relationship.

 Iwona and Gerard from

The relationship established by Iwona Mazurkiewicz and Gerard Makosz has been going on for three years without interruption. Seniors felt a mint to each other thanks to participation in the program “Sanatorium of love” broadcast by the government Polish Television.

“There must be a month on R”. We already know more about the wedding plans of Iwona and Gerard

It cannot be denied that the formation enjoys great interest not only from viewers, but also seniors who are eager for new relationships and finding their other half. The phenomenon of “Sanatorium of Love” is that it effectively verifies mismatched pairs, even after the end of the broadcast.

Iwona Mazurkiewicz from Radomsk and Gerard Makosz from Zabrze, Silesia, are a great example of a very well-matched couple, which, after the series with their participation, did not rest on its laurels.

When visiting the “Question for Breakfast” program, on September 9 this year, the seniors revealed what their daily activities are, whether they have quarrels, and revealed what fans and sympathizers of “Sanatorium of Love” had long wanted to know about them.

During the conversation with the hosts, the guests revealed when they were planning to get married, which did not escape the attention of the press – We can officially reveal that a decision has been made and there is a set date. Also in the Registry Office. We will get married in summer 2023. It must be warm, family and love – the lovers revealed.

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Gerard could also hear information that narrows the circle the summer months when seniors could have their wedding planned. The condition is “R” in the month name, so June or August?