Iwona Pavlović revealed the backstage of cooperation with TVN. Did she have anything to complain about at the station

Iwona Pavlović on the backstage of working in TVN.

 Iwona Pavlović revealed the backstage of her cooperation with TVN. Did she have anything to complain about.

aired on Polsat, was broadcast on TVN. It was then that Ivona Pavlović made her debut on the screens. The jury member told how she got on the program. By the way, she revealed the backstage of cooperation with TVN, which recently has not had the best press due to the accusations made by Anna Wendzikowska. Iwona Pavlović recalls working at the station.

Iwona Pavlović about the casting for “Dancing with the Stars”

Iwona Pavlović revealed that the casting for the jury of “Dancing with the Stars” took place in Warsaw and quite a lot of judges, who had similar qualifications to her, applied for it. The competition was therefore quite fierce. She added that individual judges were scheduled by the hour and each was given different tasks, the realization of which was recorded and judged by the jury.

One of the tasks was to watch an excerpt from the British edition of dancing with the stars. Pavlović remembered sitting at the time in a chair in the middle of an empty hall, in the light of a spotlight, and she was to judge the couple whose performance was shown. Moreover, the task was to evaluate the happy, sad, longer and shorter versions.

Pavlović admitted that the casting was carried out in two stages. When asked if she had any feelings after leaving the second audition, she admitted that she had absolutely no feeling.

Iwona Pavlović about working at TVN

Iwona Pavlović emphasized that she had never experienced any inappropriate behavior from TVN. “It was always a very pleasant job for me. I felt so appreciated. I didn't feel a bad atmosphere there” – she emphasized. because they were just afraid of her.

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