Izabella Krzan has disappeared from the “Question for Breakfast” program. What happens to a popular presenter

What is happening with Izabella Krzan?

 Izabella Krzan disappeared from the program

According to the portal” Lelum “, Izabella Krzan is one of the hosts the “Question for breakfast” program broadcast on TVP2. He conducts the program in a duet with Tomasz Kammel. Recently, however, it has disappeared from breakfast. We know why!

Izabella Krzan won the hearts of the viewer

Izabella Krzan was hailed as the most beautiful Miss Polonia in 2016. It turned out that Miss not only has beauty, but also something that attracts people to her. This was noticed by TVP, who proposed to Krzan to participate in the “Wheel of Fortune”, returning after a long break, in which she accompanied Rafał Brzozowski, and now Norbi.

Later, Izabella Krzan faced another professional challenge, which was to run the morning program “A question for breakfast”. Together with Tomasz Kammel, she won the hearts of viewers at breakfast. Recently Iza Krzan has disappeared from the program and her fans are wondering what is going on with her?

What is happening with Iza Krzan?

Fans of the presenter don't have to worry about her. Izabella Krzan went on a well-deserved vacation. In social media, the presenter boasts of how she spends her free time. She posted a photo in which we see her relaxing by the pool. However, it was not the presenter's beauty that stole everyone's attention.

What many observers drew attention to are the dolls that stand out in the foreground. Many people wonder in whose company the presenter spends her free time.

 Izabella Krzan has disappeared from the program

Also programmatic partner enjoys vacation. The journalist decided to visit beautiful Tuscany. In his social media there are numerous reports presenting the charming landscapes there.

Who do you think Iza Krzan spends with free time?