J. Lo came out in a dress, which hurt my eyes

Jennifer Lopez appeared on the set in a bright bodycon dress that at the mere sight of it starts a pain in the eyes!

Джей Ло вышла в платье, от которого болят глаза

Jennifer Lopez after a long break I decided to restore my status as Queen of romantic comedies. The star of “the Wedding planner”, “maid Mistress” and “Girl from Jersey” are back in business. Paparazzi caught the actress during the filming of new romcom “Marry me.”

The film tells the story of a popular artist, who before his wedding found out about cheating fiance-rocker. Being in complete confusion, the singer during a concert asking you to marry her random men.

Since the photos made on the set, the face of the stars expresses the whole gamut of emotions. One photo of J. Lo throws up his hands in bewilderment, and the other runs out of the building with the most decisive person.

Our attention was drawn to a slinky red dress with unusual sleeves. Probably not even the dress itself, but how it turned out in the pictures. Unknown color in the picture was so bright that it is very difficult to watch!

However, pain in the eyes can’t stop a real fan of J. Lo to enjoy how it looks. And she, incidentally, is already the sixth decade!