Jacek Kurski appeared on TVP again. What was he doing there

Jacek Kurski is on TVP again!

Jacek Kurski has already appeared on TVP. Co he did there

As the “Wirtualna Polska” portal reminds us, quite unexpectedly, on Monday, September 5, Jacek Kurski said goodbye to the position of TVP president. The appearance of Kurski in the last Monday issue of “Wiadomości” was also a big surprise. The politician appeared on the screen in the company of his successor – Mateusz Matyszkiewicz.

Jacek Kurski is known in “Wiadomości”

It is certainly not easy for Jacek Kurski to say goodbye to TVP, with which he has been associated for the last 7 years. Unexpectedly, the former president of Public Television appeared in the material broadcast by “Wiadomości”. Kurski boasted about the results achieved by the station he commanded.

The recording also featured Jacek Kurski's successor, Mateusz Matyszkiewicz, who stated that in 2016 no one thought that thanks to his rule “TVP can return to the growth path and that it will be the most important player on the television market. That it will provide great entertainment, great sport, and at the same time will be a strong missionary offer.”

Jacek Kurski now he appeared on TVP. What he did there

TVP successes

According to Jacek Kurski, it was his rule that allowed him to restore in our country, media pluralism, which was previously supposed to be disturbed. The importance of the public broadcaster was also to be rebuilt. Kurski added that how well he managed the station was demonstrated by the most eloquent viewership results achieved by the station.

Finally, he wished his successor that he would also be successful in managing TVP, reminding him that all activities should be audience-oriented.

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“Wirtualna Polska” announced that the new president of Telewizja Polska has already visited the seat of the currently ruling party, located in In Warsaw at Nowogrodzka Street.

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