Jacek Rozenek honestly about the course of the stroke. When he got to work, he heard a surprising question

The actor called during his stroke symptoms where he had been waiting for a long time. He heard something surprising in the receiver …

 Jacek Rozenek honestly about the course of the stroke. When he got to work, he heard a surprising question

Anyone who hasn't really thought about what it's like to know what you want to say and not be able to pronounce a word has no idea what a person might be feeling during and after a stroke.

You can think clearly, understand and recognize everything, have something urgent to say, and sounds come out of your mouth that you would not even suspect. Communication with the environment is eliminated to inform that we are dying.

Jacek Rozenek honestly about the stroke. Sensitizes not to assume that someone “indistinct” is under the influence of alcohol

Jacek Rozenek in “Padnij, Powstań” described the situation and the course of his own stroke, from which he barely escaped with his life, and this is only thanks to a motorway worker who became interested in a strange person in a car, which is standing and standing where there is no parking.

Simultaneous ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke

The actor was in a hurry for an important recording, but did not arrive in the morning or in any other hours. After the vehicle that had been traveling to the meeting stopped, he woke up a group a few hours later in the afternoon. Wanting to inform the organizer of the meeting about what was happening to him, he phoned the place, but when the woman on the other side asked if he was drunk, he realized that he was getting gibberish instead of verbalizing what he thought he was. it was clear and specific.

I set my phone's alarm clock in ten minutes and close my eyes. I deserve a little nap, after which I will feel reborn and enter the meeting in full strength. I fall asleep. The nap does not last ten minutes at all. I fall into a strange state between wakefulness and sleep that will last three and a half hours. I know something is wrong with me, but there is no way I can react. I'm losing control of my body. On my life – we read in the book of an actor who, after a long, difficult and costly rehabilitation, has finally achieved such fitness that, contrary to the cruel predictions of doctors, he is able to move on his own, walk and do not need assistance while moving around the city.