Jade from “clone” of the old with a new haircut

For some time Giovanna Antonelli left in the shade. She starred in the movie, do business and children. But when she was asked to participate in the project “Daughters of eve” (the series of corruption and betrayal), she could not refuse and returned to show business.

Жади из «Клона» постарела с новой стрижкой

As Giovanna, in her words, completely merges with his character, she cut long hair short haircuts and repainted in a dark color.

“I like change, I want to get into the skin of my character, so the most risky experiments with the image. I usually mentally say to their heroines: “I am always at your service,” said Antonelli in an interview.

But many fans came to like the new image of the star. They believe that the haircut and darker color put in age actress. With long locks and a hint of BROND she looked much younger.

In his time, for the filming of “Clone” Giovanna also had to dye my hair black. But as soon as the project ended, she immediately repainted. I think this time will be also, but not soon. Shooting the project started.