Jagmeet Singh spoke about Donald trump (PHOTO)

Джагмит Сингх высказался по поводу Дональда Трампа (ФОТО)

Responding on Thursday to the question about how he will build relations with US President Donald trump, the new leader of the Democratic party Jagmeet Singh joked that he hopes that this will never happen.

“I hope he is impeached sooner than I have to communicate with him,” said Singh to the Canadians in the building of the city hall in nanaimo, British Columbia.

This statement prompted cheers from the audience, but Singh quickly recovered, what was that comment “in jest”. The leader of the NDP has stated that it opposes “leading to strife” policies and rhetoric trump.

“It is disgusting that the President is fueling the hatred of people leads to fragmentation. Terrible that a man in power let children get snatched from the hands of their parents, their mothers, to being put in cages”, he said.

Singh’s remarks came amid impeachment proceedings, threatening the President of the United States. Recently made public was information from an informant that caused the charges against trump’s accusations in an attempt “to seek the intervention of other countries” to increase his chances for re-election.

Speaking this week during his stay in British Columbia to liberal leader Justin Trudeau is asked whether he thinks that the possibility of impeachment will affect the trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada.

Trudeau did not directly affect the impeachment proceedings.

“We were always focused on the ratification of the USMCA thus, to try to bypass party disagreements politicians in the United States, he said. – We continue to focus on the fact that the agreement that is beneficial to Canadians, and is also advantageous for Americans and Mexicans, was concluded. And we will continue to strive for”.

“It is particularly important seems to NAFTA, which provides our access to the most important partner and our most important market and maintains nine million jobs,” he added.