Jakupovic went to court and was unable to continue the match of the Australian Open due to a bout of coughing in the bad air (video)

Якупович легла на корт и не смогла продолжить матч Australian Open из-за приступа кашля в связи с плохим воздухом (видео)

Dalila Jakupovic

The match of the qualifying of the Australian Open between the Slovenian Dalila jakupovic and Swiss Stephanie Voegele was interrupted because of an attack of cough in the first reported btu.org.ua.

Slovenian tennis player won the first set (6:4) and submitted with the score 5:6 in the second game, when they could not continue playing due to severe coughing.

The ongoing forest fires in the continent essentially ruined the air and caused health problems from jakupovic.

“I was really afraid that will just fall on the court. I don’t have asthma and never had problems breathing, and I normally tolerate the hot weather. Again I called the physio and thought I would get better, but the jokes became longer and I couldn’t breathe, so I lay down on the court.

It is unsafe for all of us. I was surprised by the decision of the organizers to start the games, because I thought that we will no longer be. But we had no choice”, – quotes jakupovic edition.

Besides the incident with Delilah for an hour was postponed today’s matches of qualification, but also temporarily suspended the practice.

The upcoming draw of the Australian Open in 2020 will start on January 20 and will last until 2 February.