Jamal goes on the tour in 10 cities of Ukraine

On October 17 Ukrainian singer, krymchanka Jamal will perform in the framework of his tour in ten cities of Ukraine under the name “10”.

Джамала отправляется в тур по 10 городам Украины

The program will include the best songs Jamala in her entire solo career – from the debut author’s song You’re Made Of Love to a brand new hit song Solo, to which the actress wrote to the American songriter led by Bryan Todd, multi-platinum producer.

The singer calls this tour special. What makes this tour special? The answer to this question is simple, 2019 in the career of the winner of Eurovision Jamala special, because the singer is celebrating ten years on stage. But not only the anniversary in the career can make this tour special. The singer also hints that maybe he will be the last before an indefinite hiatus in the career of the artist. The singer decided to devote more time to her beloved husband, Bekir and talking about the birth of the second child.

If the singer is pregnant already or just planning unknown. In an interview, the singer says that he loves his work, but just can’t miss as growing and developing her child. And now, going to tour very hard for her to part with her first child by the Emir, though, and leaves it with her husband and his parents.