Jamal has shared with fans a cute family photo

Jamal admits that she is ready to push his career on the second plan, if we are talking about family. So, the singer told us that he wants to have many children and are ready to leave the stage to give little Emir Rahman brother or sister. Star mom says that she misses her boy while touring and always in a hurry home to make him into a hug. She gladly shares with fans of heartwarming family photo and shows how the son is growing, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

Джамала поделилась с фанатами милым семейным фото

This time the actress published in Instagram one of the frames family photo shoot. In the lens – Jamal, her husband Bekir Suleymanov and a son. Baby laughs cheerfully. And his mother dreamily and peacefully looks at the camera. Bekir hugged his wife and with a smile on my face watching Emir Rahman.

“At Yak Nikoli wants the peace of pomagati the pure sky above us all! All our life skladatelja s moment, to let covaci berekti konu chwilio provedeno have slaged and sateska s blizkimi. S Day world, druzi” — mentally congratulated the singer fans.