Jamal in a robe showed spectacular “bed” photo

Jamal appears in public in feminine clothes, and prefers the original interpretation of the classic style with unusual details. She’s outside the box comes to the choice and layout of bows, but avoid too revealing and racy outfits. However, Jamal decided to make a small exception for his fans and showed the “bed” photo in a robe and share the joy – the number of subscribers in Instagram reached 800 thousand

Джамала в одном халате показала эффектное «постельное» фото

So, the artist is depicted in the jump – shot is very dynamic and spectacular! She poses in just a white lab coat, Padmasana belt. The frame was made in the bedroom in the background can be seen the original chandelier.

“Friends, we vzhe 800 000. Thank you, Sağ oluñız, Thank you, Thank you for those scho sldkfja, komentuje, put upodobania that always patriae! Dali bude bilshe” — she promised.

Fans rushed to congratulate his idol, and also gave her a job until the New year to collect a million-strong army of followers. “Let’s go already! Che really there!” agreed the singer.

  • Then just more and more! Congratulations!
  • The circle of people with good taste more and more
  • Awesome photo! Even in dynamics
  • Jah, mi thanks for everything. Sche SOSM trusky of I 1 000 000
  • Gorgeous!
  • Cool
  • Love you with all my heart and soul