Jamal is a brilliant outfit boasted a slim figure

So, Jamal admired the fans of stylish and spectacular images, while the singer never crosses the line and her outfits can be honest, but not too much. Recently, she was struck by the bright bow at the concert in Ternopil, much to the delight of fans. Recently, the actress attended a performance of the famous Kazakh rapper Jah Khalib, which recently released the duet song “Kohala”. Along with a live musician she performed on the stage and conquered the audience with his spectacular sparkling outfit.

Джамала в блестящем наряде похвалилась стройной фигурой

Pictures from the event Jamal shared on his page in Instagram. For speech, she chose a spectacular display of brilliant outfit, pale pink, resembling fish scales. The bow consists of trousers and a fitted tunic with an uneven hem that bares the shoulders of the performer.

The singer has posted some beautiful photos and shared their impressions.

“Palats Sportu vchora tanzawa, smasa Plaka! Thank you, @jahkhalib for codovi Vecr have drayvovy compan. Hto not Stig pochuti “Kohala” profit ABO Hoca sche — latest chance to do TSE in the year 2019 that shte th at pounamu skladi bude Momo vecer in the Zhovtnevy 30.11! It is friends, fans, snobb, one word vsih! Buda sprawd are many musicians that surprises. And pokey — pathisunca,” commented Jamal.

Subscribers loved the image of the singer and they showered her with compliments in the comments.

  • Beautiful costume. Beautiful you! Chic Jahkhalib
  • Very beautiful costume. And You too, Jamal.
  • And ja is all the prettier and prettier. Amazing and I love You!)
  • What you charming. And the speech just drive
  • Goddess
  • Vauuuuuuu
  • VI duzhe Garni
  • Thin so! Good
  • You were lovely
  • Our Ukrainian Sher
  • Jamal T. just nepravishta
  • Beautiful, gorgeous yesterday made Bahai