Jamal loves Thai massage

Despite a busy touring schedule, Jamal always looks amazing and manages to spend time with her husband and little boy. Recently, the singer began to share a bit more candid photos in social networks, which show that the actress is in great shape and can boast of a slender figure and toned abs.

Джамала обожает тайский массаж

While she admits that it did not get to exercise regularly. In interview to the newspaper “Express” star revealed that it helps to be in shape.

People’s artist advises not to follow her example, as she’s not very sporty and prefer the gym to spend time with my son. However, before a nationwide tour she had more time to devote to physical exercise.

“I can definitely say that I antisportivnaya girl and follow my example would not advise. Unfortunately, I don’t have a system sports. Often be faced with a choice: either go to sportal, or take a walk with your son, or work on a new song for piano. Usually win the child and music. But before the tour I decided to give more time to the sport, I do crunches, run. While I have enough of these physical activity”, — said Jamal.

The singer also said that she helps to relax and recover after strenuous journeys. She tries to stick to a proper diet and daily regimen, and in the season of colds is eating a lot of fruits and vitamins.

She also became interested in Thai massage — it helps to relieve back.

“Thai massage – a real salvation for me. After a hard road, a long flight with a massage bring me back to life. Emir already weighs 14 pounds, and it’s a big load for the back. Therefore Thai massage is my must have. And yet – secretly not talking, it’s a ritual really appeals to me” – frankly admits Jamal.