Jamal plans to leave the stage

Ukrainian singer Jamala, who recently showed a spicy gift from my husband on a birthday, said it was ready to leave for some time the scene for the family, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

Джамала планирует покинуть сцену

As reported by the artist, now she and her husband are planning to be parents again. And when that happens, she’ll take a pause in her musical career and devote time to the family.

“I think I’ll take a break to give birth again. We will be happy to wait for replenishment, because I would love to have a big family. For example, my mom’s family had 7 children, my dad 2 — he sister,” said the singer in the program “Morning with Ukraine”.

Also Jamal has admitted that it is possible to successfully combine family and career, but she doesn’t want to miss the most valuable moments — namely how to grow her baby.

“Now, for example, I really miss you when you go on vacation or on tour — I do not see the Emir. And I think that’s the main point, which really bothers me. But to take it with you can’t, because for him it is difficult. But don’t worry, he’s fine — he’s father, my husband’s parents — they are just incredible nanny,” said the artist.