Jamal remembered the “criminal” case

Jamal always possessed unusual approach to style, but to see her in skimpy outfits – a rarity.

Джамала вспомнила о «криминальном» случае

The singer usually chooses feminine images, for example, a long light dresses, Palazzo pants and jumpsuits and can easily afford “to walk” things an original look and custom fit. In her wardrobe a lot of clothes from Ukrainian brands. For example, she recently showed an extraordinary bow in the trench with elements of denim jackets from the domestic brand TAGO. But a new picture in instagram was a pleasant surprise for fans of the actress – she posed in a short black top and velosipedah similar color.

Джамала вспомнила о «криминальном» случае

Jamal completed his image with a cloak from the Ukrainian brand of the Coat by Katya Silchenko. Makeup with a focus on dark lips. The actress posed on the Pedestrian bridge in Kiev.

In the caption to the picture she spoke about the preparations for the new tour and also recalled an unpleasant story connected with the theft of musical instruments during one of the tour.

“Slogo lachey 183 Godin zalishilosya to a “10”. Wavlet? Vzhe nastupna suboti mi s rozpoczelo team Novo road trip. For us, skin Tur — TSE one velicity transmission napolnena rsname storyi, Yak of veselymi so I can dosit neprimenuli. Once just iz our bus vikroli saxophone. Odrazu zaspokoi you all zakonchilos good, instrument powernova vlasniku. So, I take trapletti. Prestou ale the dwellers there did not trapelus, mi always otimum coop pozitivnih brazen, that darue same VI, Nashi gladac. Druzi, and history that you have POV Asan z our concerts, perhaps, trapalace something nesvita?” — asked Jamal.

Fans were happy to share their memories, and also missed a chance to compliment Jamal.

  • Yaky Pres Garni!
  • Krasna
  • Yak sports uniforms
  • Garnier
  • The rest ooopsie
  • Amazing
  • Ja, You are incredible
  • What a belly!
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