Jamal revealed his formula for weight loss

Jamal does not hide her great love and calling — music, but with the advent of the son of Emir Rahman a familiar world turned upside down. My son is the main motivation of the singer and her biggest fan.

Джамала раскрыла свою формулу похудения

For his sake she tries, to strive, to set goals and reach them, the boy could be proud of a stellar mother. Great support and reliable shoulder – the husband of Jamala, Bekir Suleymanov. Their family idyll couple happy to share with fans of the singer – touching photosets star moms, dads and son cause constant tenderness in the network. So, in an interview for ELLE.UA she spoke about the changes in life after the birth of Amir Rahman and shared his own formula for losing weight.

“With the birth of Amir-Rahman I became more demanding to ourselves, to others and very sensitive to their time. Before I didn’t care if I’m late, don’t come, had to reschedule, and now think: “You took my time I could spend with his son!” If two years ago asked what is most important to me in life, one hundred percent would answer: “Music”. Now the most important — family,” — says Jamal.

The baby was born just before the start of the shooting of the project “Voice of country”, where his stellar mom was a coach. Jamal was feeling at that period of pure bliss.

“Emir-Rahman appeared two weeks before the live broadcasts of the show “Golos Krainy”. All the time I spent with him. I was so good, I was afraid that all will cease to make music. Even my husband said, “Hey, maybe you’re going out?” And I didn’t enjoyed at home,” — said the singer.

The boy was breastfed. It was a difficult period for the actress – she even asked not to set up an interview, because I was exhausted and tired. This continued until the Emir-Rhman turned seven months.

“All women who are fed — heroine. This is the most difficult work, which can be. Cost of energy is equivalent to the training and takes so much energy that to even formulate thoughts hard, confusing words, like “floor” and “ceiling”. I asked in General not to appoint any interviews during this period. Emir-Rahman was breastfed until seven months after that, I immediately felt better. When actively working for a long time to feed difficult,” — says Jamal.

The star told about his birth, and also noted that rather quickly came into shape after the birth of the baby.

“I will not say that to give birth easily. Although directly childbirth I lasted only 20 minutes. And the shape was restored fairly quickly — exactly nine months later. I remember thinking how symmetrical everything is arranged: first nine months of gaining weight, then nine months, dropping unnecessary,” says she.

The star Mama shared her secret of how she managed to quickly regain their previous shape. It turned out that she’s not too fond of sports, but loves to eat.

“I’m not really fanatically involved in sports and not sitting on a diet, although I tried not to overeat. Sometimes went to yoga and swam in the pool. During the pregnancy gained thirty pounds. More recovered when fed. Now going to return to the sport in my life because I love to eat,” confessed Jamal.