Jamal shared with fans of interesting details of his personal life

I think I’ll take a break to give birth again.

Джамала поделилась с поклонниками интересными подробностями своей личной жизни

Popular Ukrainian singer who won the Eurovision in 2016, Jamal does not hide his desire to become a mother for the second time. The star shared with her fans some interesting details of his personal life and admitted that they are ready to leave for some time the scene for the family.

About Jamal told in the program “Morning with Ukraine” on the channel “Ukraine”. As the singer admits, she and her husband are planning to be parents again.

According to star if she becomes a mother a second time, she’ll take a pause in her musical career and devote time to the family.

We will be happy to wait for replenishment, because I really would like to have a large family. For example, my mom’s family had 7 children, my dad 2 – he sister, ‘ said the star.

In addition, Jamal added that he is very bored, when for a long period of time can not see his son Amir.

“And I think that’s the main point, which really bothers me. But to take it with you can’t, because it’s hard for him. But don’t worry, he’s fine, he father, my husband’s parents – they are just incredible nanny,” said she.