Jamal stylish coat told what loves autumn

Autumn ambiguous time when many are overtaken by the Blues or melancholy. Singer Jamal was also thinking on this topic. On his page on Instagram, the artist decided to speculate about what the good and bad this time of the year.

Джамала в стильном пальто рассказала, за что любит осень

The singer has published several atmospheric shots with walks strewn with fallen leaves Park. Jamal was posing in a simple but very stylish and eye-catching outfit — a black dress and overcoat coffee color.

Added bow large Hoop earrings scattered over her shoulders curls and radiant smile of the singer. It is found in autumn as drawbacks and positive aspects.

“What are you doing autumn? Inspires, introduces a melancholy, relaxing? I can say that I fall more and more difficult to write, to sing, to do sports. But here’s what I noticed: everything that happens in this time, very efficiently and for a long time. For example, my song “Creel”, “Way to Dodoma”, “to get lost” came to me in early fall. And, of course, tours almost always happen in the fall. So, autumn, not so bad! I’m not afraid of you and almost love. I know you like prababushkin pictures,” shared the celebrity.

The followers noted that Jamal autumn very to face, and shared his attitude towards this season.

  • And to You, Jamal, by the way, autumn — very becoming! )
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  • Autumn is the time when sum up the results) I do not know why
  • Mene one Nadia)) Oh TSI Barvi in prirod. The stench nepovtorim
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  • You are very beautiful and stylish.
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