Jamal stylish trench spoke about the upbringing of his son

Jamal is a popular singer and a caring mother, who successfully combine a career and motherhood. The singer has repeatedly admitted that her source of inspiration – the family and the devoted fan and the main motivation is the son of Emir-Rahman. The baby is growing rapidly, so the artist has to make certain adjustments in communication with the boy. In particular, she began to control their words and emotions, because the child absorbs everything like a sponge.

Джамала в стильном тренче рассказала о воспитании сына

The artist has published in instagram detailed post about what constraints sets to be for real son for everything. Jamal gave the text stylish the original trench from the Ukrainian brand TAGO 12 500 UAH. Clothing was connected elements denim jackets and a classic coat.

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Fans of the singer were sympathetic to her words, because many of them felt the attention of the younger generation.

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