Jamal told us how to keep fit

Popular singer Jamala, who recently showed how grown up her son, went on a nationwide tour. Before concerts, she paid more attention to sports. How to stay in shape the singer has told in interview to the newspaper “Express”.

Джамала рассказала, как поддерживать себя в форме

Jamal said that he could not call myself a sports girl as her sports wear irregular.

I can say that I antisportivnaya girl and follow my example would not advise. Unfortunately, I don’t have a system sports. Often be faced with a choice: either go to the gym, or take a walk with your son, or work on a new song for piano. Usually win the child and music. But before the tour I decided to give more time to the sport, I do crunches, run. While I have enough of these physical activity

said the singer.

Jamal also said that it helps to relax and recover after strenuous journeys. According to the artist, this — Thai massage.

After a hard road, a long flight with a massage bring me back to life

said Jamal.

She also said that most of all she loves that massage. During the session, secretly silent, it’s a ritual. That is to visit the massage parlor does not turn into an interview.