Jamal was surprised to see a new photoshoot of construction fences

Jamal noted that the noise of the city inspires her

Джамала удивила новой фотосессией на фоне строительных заборов

Jamal never ceases to amaze fans with his sense of style and new photography. The location for the new photo shoot selected unusual — among urban “landscapes”.

So in the photo, the singer poses on not the background of the autumn trees in the Park. Ukrainian singer stands amid construction of the fence, completely plastered with ads, with probablymy supports. Also the photo made on the background of cars passing by. Interestingly, at this point, the singer holds the microphone, like singing.

Moreover, the singer’s outfit, very stylish black striped dress with lacquered panels on the shoulders thrown over a leather jacket. Seems like Jamal on stage. Just as the scenery of the city.

But these locations were selected not just. As noted by Jamal herself, she loves to listen to the voice of the city. The singer is really inspiring.

“I love to listen to the noise of the city. The hum of cars, buildings, passers — by- I hear that music and catch its inspiration,” writes Jamal.

Fans of the Ukrainian singer was also quick to post their comments under her new photo:

  • “I don’t like the noise of the city .. More like to outdoors and listen to the silence, birds, wind)”
  • “Oh yeah, 100%. But if someone started fighting on the phone, I want to run”
  • “My inspiration is you, and in my round-the-clock noise, unfortunately, very difficult to catch inspiration”
  • “At latest photos poster Sami nadrai for entourage?”
  • “Hi nichogo not tortilis. All Yak Bulo” — meets Jamal.

Джамала удивила новой фотосессией на фоне строительных заборов

Джамала удивила новой фотосессией на фоне строительных заборов