Jane Fonda won the prestigious award with handcuffs on hands

This Friday, actress Jane Fonda received the award by Stanley Kubrick excellence in film from the British Academy of film and television arts. However, to get to the ceremony and personally pick up an honorary statue she could not — because of the arrest during a climatic strike.

Джейн Фонда получила престижную премию с наручниками на руках

In Washington, a Hollywood star not detain, for the first time at the police station Jane Fonda for the third time. The actress, inspired by the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and with the support of such caring, happy on the Capitol steps Friday demonstrations urging political leaders to pay attention to the climate crisis.

To ensure that the rally this time will end with the arrest of activists, the actress was ready. But because recorded acceptance speech for BAFTA directly during the detention. This video was shown at the time of the ceremony. In this Fund expressed gratitude and apologized for his absence, noting that he decided to stay in Washington for four months because she needed “to do more for the climate”.

BAFTA, thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the honorary prize named Stanley Kubrick for achievements in film. It is a great honor for me

shouted Jane Fonda at the time of arrest. This Friday with her were detained and the actor of the series “In a better world” Ted Danson.