Japan covered the Typhoon “Hagibis”: impressive video of bad weather

Японию накрыл тайфун «Хагибис»: впечатляющее видео непогоды

In Japan raged Typhoon “Hagibis”. At least two people died and another 70 were injured due to the disaster. Many areas of the country flooded and without electricity.

The Japan meteorological Agency warned that wind speeds of 180 km/h can cause further flooding and landslides. Authorities have released recommendations for evacuation in areas with increased risk, according to UKRINFORM.

Flights and trains in these areas were cancelled, shops and factories closed. Typhoon “Hagibis” is close to the Central part of Japan and Tokyo. Tens of thousands of residents were left without electricity.

The capital of Japan Typhoon approaching in the night from Saturday to Sunday, but caused large-scale disruptions in rail and aviation.

According to the national meteorological administration of the country, the Typhoon will fall to the capital in the next few hours. The authorities have already announced in connection with the impact of elements of the maximum — fifth the level of threat and urged people to a speedy evacuation.

The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe at a meeting of the emergency headquarters in his office to counter a natural disaster has instructed the relevant ministries and departments to do whatever is necessary to protect human lives from the Typhoon “Hagibis”.

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