Japan will spend $300 billion to support business and population

В Японии потратят еще $300 млрд на поддержку бизнеса и населения

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The volume of the package to support the national economy and population in the conditions of a pandemic had increased to nearly $1.1 trillion.

The upper house of Japan’s Parliament has approved a draft second supplementary budget for the 2020 fiscal year, funds from which will go to support the population and local companies in connection with the situation of pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. It is reported by Kyodo on Friday, June 12.

It is noted that a record supplementary budget in the amount of 31.9 trillion yen (about $296 billion) is considered formally adopted as of June 10 it approved the key lower house of Parliament. With its enactment, the volume of the package to support the national economy and the local population in the context of a pandemic has increased to of 117.1 trillion yen (nearly us $1.1 trillion).

At the end of April, Japan had approved the first supplementary budget for the current fiscal year to support the economy in conditions of the spread of coronavirus. Its size was 25.6 trillion yen ($237 billion).

It was also reported that the Japanese government gave all citizens nearly a thousand dollars in support on the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

According to the latest data, the number of people infected by coronavirus in Japan exceeds 17 thousand. Died 920 people. More than 15 thousand people were recovered.