Japanese tennis player earned a record annual return in the history of women’s sports

Японская теннисистка заработала рекордный годовой доход в истории женского спорта

Naomi Osaka

The former first racket of the world, Naomi Osaka became the highest paid (per financial year) athlete in the history of women’s sports, earning 37.4 million dollars, including prize money and sponsorship payments, according to Forbes.

22-year-old Japanese 7.7 million dollars. broke the record set in 2015, the Russian Maria Sharapova.  Learn more about this sport at Tennisinformation.

We will add that in the ranking of the top 100 highest paid athletes, the winner of two tournaments “the Grand slam” took the 29th place.

The company Naomi in the original nomination was also the ex-first racket of the world Serena Williams – an annual income of American women was 36 million dollars. (33-e a place), which also exceeds the achievement Sharapova.

Note that Williams, Jr. was the highest paid athlete in the four preceding years.

When Serena won her first tournament of “Grand slam” Naomi was only a year.