Japan's former prime minister shot

Japan's former prime minister shot


Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shows no signs of life after he was reportedly shot and injured during a political event in the western Nara region, local media reported.  

The former Chief Executive was delivering a campaign speech at a political event ahead of Sunday's Senate election when shots were heard, National channel NHK and Kyodo news agency said.

Mr. Abe, 67, collapsed and was bleeding from his neck, a source from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) told Jiji news agency. 

Contacted by AFP, neither the PLD nor the local police were able to immediately confirm this information. 

Both NHK and Kyodo reported that Mr Abe was taken to hospital and appeared to be in cardio-respiratory arrest — a term used in Japan indicating no sign of life, and usually preceding an official death certificate.

Several media outlets reported that he appeared to have been shot by -behind, probably with a rifle. 

The NHK channel reported that a man had been apprehended, but did not immediately give further details.