Jared Padalecki will continue to play in “Supernatural” after brawl

Jared Padalecki will continue to star in the television series “Supernatural,” despite the brawl, hosted at the bar Stereotype in Austin. The arrest of a famous actor by the police was not reflected on the creative process.

Джаред Падалеки продолжит играть в «Сверхъестественном» после дебоша

Currently, work is continuing on the 15th season, which will be the final. The actor thanked his family and friends in your Twitter account for their support. A celebrity was arrested in Texas not only for fighting, but for being in a public place while intoxicated. Soon, the 37-year-old actor was released. Immediately after the incident he went to the site for the filming of the 20th episode.

After the completion of participation in the mystical tape, Jared Padalecki is going to change their roles, he will be the Executive producer of the television series “Walker: Justice in Texas”. The new adventures of Ranger artist intends to play a major role, which the performer was Chuck Norris in the first tape releases from 1993 to 2001.