Jean Beleniuk became a two-time world champion

Жан Беленюк стал двукратным чемпионом мира

In the capital of Kazakhstan Nur Sultan held the world championship in wrestling among athletes of freestyle and Greco-Roman style.

The first medal, and from the highest test in a moneybox of the national team of Ukraine put the Greco-Roman style Jean Beleniuk. 28-year-old from Kiev, who was elected Deputy in the new Parliament, confidently overcame the qualifying rounds in the category up to 87 kg, successively removing from his path the Mexican Alfonso Leyva (5:1), Croat Ivan Hallaca (7:1) and Belarus Nikolay Stabba (3:1).

In the semi-final our compatriot in a tense duel was stronger than German Denis Kudla (2:1), then reached the final (and along with the license for the Olympic games in Tokyo 2020 won), where his opponent was the Hungarian Victor Lorints. No one wanted to give each of the wrestlers acted with maximum caution, but in the end the Ukrainian with a minimum advantage won by the Ukrainians — 2:1. It is noteworthy that Jean, in spite of the conquest of gold, was dissatisfied with his performance because it failed to complete the match ahead, and left the Mat without a smile on her face.

Note that Belenko is the third gold award this year — earlier in April he won the European championship in Bucharest (Romania) and Minsk (Belarus) triumphal at the II European games. As for the world championship, the current “gold” — the second in career of the sportsman: he previously risen to the top step of the podium in 2015 at the world championship, held in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, the medal of Belenko is still the only asset of our national team on Greco-Roman wrestling, because Yuri Scrub in the category up to 82 kg lost in a duel for “bronze” Abdali Saeed from Iran. Lenur Temirov (60 kg), Vladimir Yakovlev (up to 77 kg) will still have the opportunity to compete for the award in the repechage round.


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