Jenna Duan told about life after divorcing Channing Tatum

In April last year, Jenna Duan and Channing Tatum announced his divorce. In a recent interview the actress told about how it has changed her life after breaking up with her husband.

Дженна Дуан рассказала о жизни после развода с Ченнингом Татумом

Duan admitted that her way after breaking up with Channing was full of difficulties and changes, but in the end it led her to joy and happiness.

I always say that no one marries in the expectation gap. People grow and change and sometimes they don’t grow and change together

― told Jenna the edition People. The actress says that everything that happened did not happen in one night. The realization that they have a different purpose, Channing, came to her gradually.

Duan added that for the first time after the divorce it was very difficult, because she had no idea what she should do now.

It was a loss of an ideal future for me and my life

she confessed. The actress did not expect such a turn, but now its just all happy.

I am grateful that now I understand myself, understand what you want, and in this new Chapter, I feel happiness

says Jenna.

At the end she added that it is not necessary to be afraid of such decisions. According to her, the changes are not always for the worse, and life can change in only the best way.