Jennifer aniston and Reese Witherspoon met up with the legendary journalist

50-year-old Jennifer aniston and 43-year-old Reese Witherspoon has thousands of fans around the world, but sometimes the Actresses themselves have to be the enthusiastic fans. It happened the other day on the set of the TV series the early show (The Morning Show) looked well-known journalist, 73-year-old Diane Sawyer.

Дженнифер Энистон и Риз Уизерспун встретились с легендарной журналисткой

It should be noted that Sawyer is one of the legends of American journalism, she started her career back in 1962. It is also noteworthy that Diane can be called a colleague on-screen characters aniston and Witherspoon, because she became famous including as host of the show “Good morning America”.

Дженнифер Энистон и Риз Уизерспун встретились с легендарной журналисткой

On the ground, the trio looked very elegant, as required by dress code news programs. All the ladies preferred dresses in simple tones: Reese was dressed in a dark blue sheath dress, and Jennifer and Diane gave preference to Trouser sets.

From meeting with Sawyer actress, it seems, was delighted and could not resist from sharing a selfie on memory. Your emotions Reese shared with subscribers in Instagram.

Look who came to visit us on the set of “the Morning show”! Diane Sawyer is a real pioneer in the world of journalism, and she inspires all of us

— posted by Witherspoon.

In the series, which began airing on Apple TV, it plays the journalist Bradley Jackson, which fired from one of the channels for the breakdown in the air. After that, the will of fate it turns out to be one of the major TV channels and was appointed co-host of journalist Alex levy (played by Jennifer aniston), who just lost his former co-host (the role went to Steve Carell).

Reese often shared in your blog photos from the shoot and seems to be already fully immersed in the world of journalism, and learn some secrets. So, the actress told the followers that in the air leading really sit in soft Slippers.

Live in 3, 2, 1 second! Yes, all the news anchors really wear fluffy Slippers under the table

— posted by Reese, confirming his words with a photo.