Jennifer aniston had to lose 13 kg in order to stay in Hollywood

Otherwise, it would never appear in “Friends”.

As a legendary series this year celebrates 25 years since its release, this anniversary is marked by events and the release of new information for fans. This number got up, and the book writer Saul Austerlitz, “the Generation “Friends”: an inside look at the show that defined a television era.”

Дженнифер Энистон пришлось сбросить 13 кг, чтобы остаться в Голливуде

In it he specifically mentions the difficulties of the career of Jennifer aniston: she had to lose weight because on the screen it always seems that people are better than they actually are. This is despite the fact that Tolstoy it was, and they thought her beautiful. However, the girl knew where they were, and realized that it won’t be easy.

To be a woman, and especially an actress in Los Angeles hard

— says the writer.

While aniston admits that it does not comply with the diet, for which almost paid.

Bread with mayonnaise is the most delicious thing in the world! I absorbed too many of these sandwiches. And I never claimed the role because he considered Tolstoy,

she said.

Now her troubles are over, moreover, she believes that came at the Zenith of its artistic career. Jennifer aniston recently starred in the new series “the Morning show” where he played a major role.