Jennifer aniston kissed on live with popular leading

Actress Jennifer aniston took part in the filming of the evening show, Ellen DeGeneres, reports the with reference to Ivona.

Дженнифер Энистон поцеловалась в прямом эфире с популярной ведущей

Popular Hollywood actress, star of the cult TV series “Friends“ Jennifer aniston for the first time in public kiss a woman.

So, the artist became a guest star of the evening show known host Ellen DeGeneres. During a call, 61-year-old Ellen, who is married to actress Porsche de Rossi, I remembered that recently kissed on live with radio host Howard stern.

Aniston decided to ask the leading, if she kisses with men. Ellen jokingly replied, which leads this programme, in order to have a chance with someone to kiss. In turn, DeGeneres asked Jennifer when she last kissed a woman. On this the actress said that never After these words DeGeneres kissed the actress.

“That’s what the audience wanted to see! They’ve been waiting for this for many years… you Have soft lips,“ said Jennifer aniston after the kiss.