Jennifer garner: a wedding in the offing

47-year-old actress Jennifer garner and her boyfriend John Miller, owner of a chain fast food eateries in Los Angeles,decided to move to the next stage of their relationship. John decided on an important step: he finally introduced Jennifer to his parents. At his request, garner invited his father and mother to his guests. And, according to the insider publication all four had a great evening at the garner house, and could not only nice to talk to, but also to assess her cooking skills.

Дженнифер Гарнер: свадьба не за горами

Despite the fact that Jennifer and John have been Dating for a year and a half, their relationship develops not too fast. This is partly due to the fact that each of them had to complete the formal procedure of divorce. Garner broke up Ben Affleck in 2015, but was able to complete the divorce process only three years later. The reason for the delay was a desire Jennifer to support Ben. Because he suffered from alcohol dependence, and garner was afraid that the divorce will exacerbate his problems, and he finally “sink to the bottom.” And whatever happened between her and Ben, she was still seen in Offlike the father of my children and did not want to come to such a state. Therefore, Jennifer formally filed for divorce in April 2017, when Ben has completed the course of treatment.

But as soon as Jennifer was free, she was able to openly announce their new relationship with John. Miller, in turn, during this time, he divorced the mother of his two children, Caroline Campbell, where he was married 11 years. They are more than two years could not agree on how to divide responsibilities for the upbringing of children.

Since, as Gardner and Miller officially declared themselves a couple, it’s been a year. Fans of the actress was a little surprised that no one they still have not met each other’s kids and not perezalil their children between themselves. Therefore, a meeting with John’s parents – this is a big step for them, which can soon lead to wedding. It is assumed that Miller began to take more aggressive action against garner, because jealous of her former spouse. After all, Ben Affleck has recently become more likely to appear next to Jennifer, and even bought a house in the neighborhood.