Jennifer Lopez admitted that caused her to burst into tears in public

Jennifer Lopez is preparing to get the main film Hollywood — “Oscar” for his work in the movie “Strippers”. However, while her hopes are based mainly on appearing in the media rumors and reviews the so-called experts — that is, the hype, raised around the most notable films before awards season. Besides, I liked the film and common public. Cash collections in the second weekend of hire amounted to 40.7 million dollars, and a total of 153,8 million.

Дженнифер Лопес призналась, что заставило ее разрыдаться на публике

Such a result j-Lo did not expect. After all, her acting career began with the film “My little girl” as much as in 1986, still was not too successful. Despite the fact that in her piggy Bank, there are 34 movies, she received much more “Golden Malin” than premiums. Only in 1998, the year her work in the biographical film “Selena” was awarded the “Golden Globe”.

Saturday night, Jennifer, who is preparing for a forthcoming wedding with Alex Rodriguez, who rushed to celebrate with friends at the steak house David Grutman in Miami the good news about her possible nomination. She was thrilled when she received the huge multi-colored three-story cake decorated based on the movie with silhouettes of strippers…

As admitted Jennifer, of course she would be happy to get the top Academy award: “frankly, when I hear that you can happen want to exclaim “Wow!” When I first heard these rumors, my eyes filled with tears. “It means someone really likes what I do!” — I thought then”. But still, according to Jennifer, she worked not for prizes. “I worked hard throughout my career. I starred in so many films, played so many different roles… And I learned how to do it solely out of love for what I do, to my profession,” said Lopez.