Jennifer Lopez has admitted that he would like to have a baby with Alex Rodriguez

Singer and actress so happy with her lover. In the spring Alex made her an offer of marriage, J. Lo immediately said Yes. She was already thinking about plans for their future together.

Дженнифер Лопес призналась, что хотела бы родить ребенка от Алекса Родригеза

September 10, Jennifer Lopez had a conversation with a famous American journalist Jota of Cotb. During the interview, the anchorwoman asked recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the singer, if she wants to have more children.

In that case, if Jennifer will realize her dream after Alex’s wedding, she will become the mother of three children. Lopez has a 11-year-old Mark and Emma, who gave birth in the marriage with Marc Anthony. It is noteworthy that he introduced J. Lo with Alex Rodriguez.

A 44-year-old baseball player also has children from a previous marriage. Rodriguez brings a 14-year-old Natasha and 11-year-old Ella. Girls love Jennifer Lopez and spend a lot of time with her. She even invented a special role at the upcoming wedding

Jennifer Lopez noted that preparations for the celebration have been delayed due to tight work schedules both. They want to make the holiday was perfect. This is not surprising, because in a recent interview, Jennifer spoke about how special feelings connect to her and baseball player.

Perhaps Alex Rodriguez will listen to the words of his bride and in a couple of months worth waiting for the announcement of the pregnancy j-Lo?