Jennifer Lopez has spoken out about the affair with Rodriguez and scandal

One of the winners of “man of the year” according to GQ 50-year-old Jennifer Lopez. The singer appeared on one of the covers of the December issue of gloss, who spoke in an interview about the filming of “Strippers” (Hustlers), continuing the affair with 44-year-old baseball player Alex Rodriguez and his upcoming performance at the super bowl in 2020 and beyond.

Дженнифер Лопес высказалась о возрасте, романе с Родригесом и скандале

J. Lo is preparing for the wedding. In March this year, Rodriguez, with whom she meets for more than two years, proposed to her.We are so much alike. We have similar aspirations and ambitions. He was an athlete and always strives to be the best. I have the same goal, but I want to succeed in the business. We are very hardworking people doing the job with full passion. In addition, have enormous respect for each other… Alex loves business, studied at business school. He knew that I am not only creative, but also a businesswoman, whose own clothing line, perfume… And when I told him about all of this at the beginning of our acquaintance, he was like, “Wait, what did you say? How much did you make? I think there’s a better way to do it.” We invest heavily. Earn billions, but still can not stop hustling.

she said in an interview.

Jennifer Lopez will perform at the super bowl in 2020 along with 42-year-old Shakira. Some of their colleagues refused to speak and to associate your name with match of the National football League (NFL) in solidarity with the footballer Colin Copernican that in 2016, pointedly refused to get off the bench when he heard the US national anthem. He did it to protest against racism and in the end left without a club. J. Lo is looking at the situation differently.

I understand why colleagues refuse. Everyone has to make their own choices and feel good. It seems to me that the super bowl is amazing and one of the largest sites for any messages… In my opinion, the performance of the two Hispanic women at the super bowl — it’s great! We have to think well how to use their 12-14 minutes on stage to make people understand our value in this country. Can get a very beautiful holiday

— said the singer.

About the age

All women and especially the Actresses get old, only better. Meryl Streep’s career took off after age 40. Same with Tina Turner, cher and others. They bloomed like never bloomed before, right?

About yourself

I am extremely impatient. I need it now. Bit too slow paced annoys me. And I hate the word “no.”