Jennifer Lopez surprised by the size of the fee for “Strippers”

It seems that Jennifer Lopez has already received all possible awards, but she has room to grow. Recently the singer became the “Man of the year” by GQ. In an interview with Jennifer decided to share the details of the film “Strippers”, and also to tell about its age and character.

Дженнифер Лопес удивила размером гонорара за «Стриптизерш»

The most important revelation was that in the film, Lopez starred absolutely free.

For “Strippers” I have not paid a lot of money. I was there for free I produced it. As in the song Jenny from the Block, I do what I love,

she confessed.

Jennifer explained that the main purpose of the film is to turn the Patriarchy upside the head.

This is our movie. Everybody knows that it was created by women producers, women Directors, women screenwriters. The main role in it played by women. We have long watched the male use of women in film, so it was quite funny to see how changing these roles

added Lopez.

Also in the interview the singer told about his attitude to age. According to Jennifer, the years go by it only benefit. She cited the example of Meryl Streep, Tina Turner and cher, who became much more successful in 40 years. Therefore, Lopez is not concerned about the age and believes that now is the best time to create.

Speaking about his character, Jennifer added that accustomed to take everything at once. The singer can not tolerate delay, and she hates it when she is told “no”.