Jennifer Lopez without makeup was unrecognizable

Jennifer Lopez — the one man band. She manages to sing, to do business and to be in a movie. Star gives a lot of information there, and not all the dirty gossip for the yellow journals. The main project of her life, namely the wedding with Alex Rodriguez, who is not far off. And while Lopez is actively preparing for her performance at the super bowl. The show promises to be hot, because the company it will be the singer Shakira.

Дженнифер Лопес без макияжа стала неузнаваема

Recently Jennifer starred on the cover of GQ magazine, and talked about how life changes after 40, and its relation to age. Moreover, Lopez posed for the cover of the latest fashions without make-up and supposedly filters. It already did Alicia Keys and Beyonce for a number of other publications.

Without makeup Jennifer really quite reminiscent of the girl and many times looks younger, though left niezarejestrowana fine lines and wrinkles. And these lines she likes.

“Woman gets better with age, even with wrinkles. Many creative people and career that took off after 40 to take at least Meryl Streep and Tina Turner, or cher. They blossomed with age, found their feminine power and they all became well on the creative front. No reason to be ashamed of age, you need to accept it, and see the benefits that get older,” said Jennifer, being an ardent fighter against ageism.

In an interview, she confirmed years of rumors and speculation that she has a tough character, and where, even bitchy: “I’m awfully impatient, I don’t like the slow pace and the fact that people linger around me when the work needs to be done here and now. Yes, I am very demanding, both to themselves and to others. And Yes, I can’t hear the word “no”. Understand that this is not normal”.