Jesen Therrien hopes for a return to major league baseball

Jesen Therrien hoping for a return to major league baseball


Despite the pitfalls of recent years, Quebec pitcher Jesen Therrien still dreams of returning to major league baseball.

Now 29, the Montrealer has taken another step towards his goal by stepping down from his role as manager of the Baseball Academy of Canada (ABC) program, aimed at the elite of the discipline in Quebec.

In a press release released Friday morning by the ABC, it is specified that Therrien “will remain in the entourage of the ABC”, but that he “will however put all his energies into training in order to return to major league baseball in 2023.”

Having played in 15 big league games in 2017, as a reliever in the Philadelphia Phillies uniform, Therrien had seen his dream tipped due to a ligament tear in his right elbow. From then on, he had undergone a first Tommy John type intervention before agreeing, despite everything, with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the rest of his career.

Therrien's fitness does not s However, it didn't go the way he wanted. The pain kept coming back. So, in September 2021, he had to undergo a second operation.

A big detour

Before ending up in Philadelphia, Therrien had spent more than five years in the minor leagues, from Florida to more remote corners of Pennsylvania, including New Jersey. A young player's path is often winding before reaching major league baseball. The one used by the Quebec pitcher to make this possible return is however even more tortuous, frequently between the gym and the doctor's office.

A question of testing his arm, the former Phillies and Dodgers, now a free agent, has also briefly worn the colors of the Montreal Jets, in the Major League Baseball of Quebec, in recent weeks. In three innings on the mound, he allowed no runs.

“I would like to thank Jesen for leading the program over the past year and we wish him the best of luck as he continues to his dream, indicated the general manager of Baseball Quebec, Maxime Lamarche, in the press release of the day. We also hope to see him as a coach as often as possible with our athletes.”

Bérubé: new boss

Marc-Antoine Bérubé, who already strongly supported Therrien in his duties, moreover officially becomes the new boss of the ABC.

Having carried the title of director of performance, he will now have the hat of executive director. Bérubé will be supported by Yannick Desjardins, director of player development, then by the various coaches.