Jessica Chastain and Jean Luca Passi first showed daughter

Parents of one year old baby no longer hide her from the paparazzi.

Джессика Честейн и Жан Лука Пасси впервые показали дочь

The family was spotted on the streets of new York last Sunday. They reportedly were returning home from a party baby shower in honor of baby Anne Hathaway, who’s coming. Jessica Chastain and Jean Luca Passi take turns pushing a stroller, in which sat their daughter Juliet Passy-Chastain in a white suit, leopard print leggings and a white bow on her head.

Джессика Честейн и Жан Лука Пасси впервые показали дочь

Unexpected news about a child born by a surrogate mother appeared in the media in November last year, and at that time she was already 4 months old. For the first time with a stroller Jessica was spotted by paparazzi in October of 2018, but the media somehow bypassed pictures attention. The first photo with her daughter on a walk in new York appeared online only in November, but then the face of Juliet, the actress carefully hid.

Recall, 41-year-old Jessica met 35-year-old Jean Luca in 2012 when he was appointed Director of public relations of the brand Armani. The details of their affair unknown, as the actress does not like to dwell on the subject of personal life. Only a couple of times she told me about the boyfriend in an interview. In June 2017 Jessica and Jean Luca were married in Italy, in the town of Treviso.